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Causes of Swollen Gums

photo for causes of swollen gums for evolve toothbrush, best for swollen gumsThere are many causes of swollen gumsVery often the first place to look is at your own personal oral care habits.  Are you brushing your teeth everyday with a soft bristle toothbrush?  Are you flossing daily, gently and not too harshly?  Are you using an anti- bacterial mouthwash to rinse out any germs?  When you neglect your oral hygiene, the health of your mouth begins to deteriorate.

This is what happens next.  

Bacteria builds up, and the filmy stuff that adheres to your teeth from the food and drink that you eat – known as plaque –  collects around your teeth.  Together they  generate acids that attack your teeth’s outer shell – the enamel – and cause decay.  Plaque hardens around your teeth creating a tartar buildup, which forms along the gum line, one of the chief causes of swollen gums.  This first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, creates inflamed, painful red puffy gums that make it difficult to clean your mouth properly.

But there might be other, non-related reasons that are causes of swollen gums.  For instance, certain foods you eat make your gums sore and sensitive.  Acidic foods can cause irritation, and create sores on the gumline, including canker sores.  Citrus fruit, soda, and sugary yogurts might be irritants.  Pay careful attention to your diet and see if the problem goes away.

And.  Orthodontics –  retainers, braces, dentures and mouth guards  – can all pull at your gumline, creating tenderness and exposure to the sensitive tissue underneath.  Often your mouth will adapt; but if it doesn’t, and this causes of swollen gums continues to hurt, see your dentist or orthodontist immediately.


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