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Early Signs of Gum Disease

photo for early signs of gum disease for evolve toothbrush, best for early signs of gum diseaseGum disease is tricky business.  Sometimes you have no clue that you have it.  For instance, some of the early signs of gum disease are very obvious: red, swollen puffy gums, or sudden bleeding while you brush your teeth.  Other signs are not so obvious: loose teeth, bad breath (which others might notice but you don’t), or a lingering bad taste in your mouth that you think came from the too–spicy pasta you ate last night.

Happily, the early signs of gum disease usually point to what is called gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal disease and easily cured.  All you have to do is to take better care of your oral health.  This is not as difficult as it sounds.  What it requires is consistency: daily brushing your teeth with a good, appropriate toothbrush, flossing your gums (but not too hard), and rinsing your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Scheduling dental visits at least twice a year is vital to keep your mouth healthy and clean.  Lack of attention to your teeth can result in leftover bacteria that congregate, and form a thick film on your teeth called plaque, which leads to tartar and can break down your teeth. Severe tartar build-up is dangerous to your oral health, and only the professional tools at your dentists office can clear it away and get rid of it forever.

So don’t worry if the early signs of gum disease frighten you. You have the power to treat it and beat it, by grabbing the bull by the horns and brushing, flossing, swishing and visiting your dentist regularly.


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