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Gum Brushes

photo for gum brushes for evolve toothbrush, most soft of gum brushesMost people only think about toothbrushes in term of brushing their teeth; they forget that surrounding the teeth are the gums, composed of delicate tissue and a vital part of the way your mouth operates and your general oral health.   So really, we should also be asking ourselves, what are the best gum brushes to use?

Whatever you call them, here are several points to take into consideration when choosing optimum toothbrushes, gum brushes, or oral hygiene brushes:

Size.  It’s important that your brush head allows easy access to all of the surfaces on your teeth and gums.  Most adults find the standard size brush head –  a half-inch wide and an inch tall – easy to use and effective.  There are larger brushes on the market, but unless they’re well-designed, they lack ease of use when reaching the remote areas of your mouth.  Your brush should have a handle with some length, so it’s comfortable to hold and has a long reach.

Bristle variety. You can buy a manual or an electric toothbrush, although electric brushes are more expensive.  Vital is the choice between soft, medium, or hard nylon bristles. For most people, soft-bristled tooth and gum brushes are the best choice.  Medium- and hard-bristled brushes when used too vigorously can damage your gums, root surfaces, and teeth enamel.

Reviewed by experts.  Quality control and testing count.  Look for accredited testing, or the American Dental Association Seal of Approval and your dentist’s recommendation.

New to the market is the Evolve toothbrush, created by a dentist with a 35-year practice.  Evolve’s patented ‘three bristle head’ works efficiently to clean your teeth and gums.  Gently pressing with the center head, the outer bristles flex inward and grab your tooth at the gum line, so you clean multiple surfaces of your teeth and gums simultaneously.

By effectively removing plaque at the gum line, Evolve aids in preventing the inflamed gums that causes gum disease.  A worthy investment indeed!


The toothbrush is available for $15. The shipping is free in the U.S., and the first 3000 brushes sold will come with a free travel case!Please inquire with us directly if you are placing an international order.

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