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Pain in Gums

photo for pain in gums for evolve toothbrush, best for gum painPain in gums is no laughing matter.   Sore, puffy, inflamed gums can be a preliminary sign of gingivitis, which is early-stage gum disease.   We tend to pay more attention to our teeth than we do our gums, but this is a mistake: proper oral hygiene involves all the elements in your mouth, and requires a consistent regimen of brushing, flossing, mouthwash rinsing, regular visits to your dentist and using the right toothbrush

Sensitivity, redness, swelling and pain in gums can have several causes, and it’s important to consider each one to find the solution that will make them disappear.  That’s because gum disease can worsen, and lead to receding gums, damage to the jaw bones, and loosening and losing of your teeth.

Pain in gums might be due to your brushing your teeth too hard.  Are you using a hard or medium bristle toothbrush instead of a soft one?  Soft is definitely the best option. And how you brush counts; brush in a gentle, circular motion instead of roughly up and down. Your gums will greatly appreciate it. Your gums will love EVOLVE!

Abscesses or apthous ulcers – better known as canker sores – might also be the reason for your pain in gums.  Fortunately these annoyances are mostly benign and vanish within a few weeks, and the pain recedes after a week or so.

Hormones, too cause pain in gums.  If you’re pregnant, or going through menopause, fluctuations in your hormones can sometimes change the way your body interacts with the bacteria that form in your mouth.  This then creates tooth and gum decay, so it’s vital you see your dentist to determine a proper plan of action.


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