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Soft Bristle Toothbrush

photo for soft bristle toothbrush for evolve toothbrush, with soft bristlesMost of us have been told since we were children the importance of brushing our teeth everyday.  Very often, though, we are not brushing properly.  We might be using a toothbrush that’s too hard, which could be hurting our gums, composed of delicate tissue.  We might be brushing with too much vigor, which might have the same effect.  When it comes to optimum oral care, it’s vital to pay attention to the kind of toothbrush you use, and how you use it.

Whether you decide to choose a manual or an electric toothpaste, most dentists believe that a soft bristle toothbrush is the way to go.  Many brushes are available with medium or hard bristles, but these can damage the sensitive enamel on your teeth, and they also can aggravate your gums, causing them to become red, puffy and swollen.

A soft bristle toothbrush has the added benefit of ensuring you are brushing the correct way.  It’s vital to brush gently, with soft, circular motions that massage your teeth and gums while you clean them.  Many of us tend to brush too fast, and we use a rapid back-and-forth motion which can easily irritate and damage our gums, promoting soreness which leads to gums bleeding and even receding.

If you’ve not been using the right toothbrush, and your gums are swollen or bleeding, you might have early signs of gum disease.  Many things can cause gum problems, so see your dentist right away.  One thing is certain: by using a soft bristle toothbrush  – look for ‘soft’ on the toothbrush package at your local pharmacy – you are taking a vital step towards better mouth care, and stopping  gum disease in its tracks.


The toothbrush is available for $15. The shipping is free in the U.S., and the first 3000 brushes sold will come with a free travel case!Please inquire with us directly if you are placing an international order.

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