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Sore Teeth

for sore teeth for Evolve Toothbrush, best toothbrush for sore teeth.If you are experiencing sore teeth, it’s best not to jump to conclusions.  There are many reasons why your teeth may hurt, and with care and attention you can likely solve the problem.

Did you know that many people grind their teeth while they sleep?  Often they have no idea that they are doing so; but teeth grinding  – especially heavy grinding which might be stress-related – can be a cause of sore teeth.  Recommend asking doctor for night guard

Early gum disease known as gingivitis can set a path in motion to sore teeth as well. If your gums are swollen, and they pull away from the teeth, they can create exposed tooth roots which may cause extreme sensitivity to food temperature.  Have you ever felt discomfort from foods that were too hot?  Too cold?  Have you eaten too many sweets? Then you know what I mean.

If you haven’t been brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your dentist, you might experience serious toothache due to lack of care which is causing tooth decay or loss of tooth enamel.

Some people have eating disorders or stomach problems, where they take medications for acid reflux; this may affect tooth enamel, which dissolves from the overexposure to acid.  This in turn can erode the tooth structure and lead to severe tooth sensitivity, sore teeth and pain.

Cosmetic dentistry, too can cause tooth pain.  If you lighten your teeth and end up using too much bleach you could well experience sore teeth.  If you’ve had recent orthodontic procedures, your teeth may hurt, too, particularly right after you’ve had the work done.   And if you’ve had restorative dentistry – bridges, crowns, etc. – you might have multiple sore teeth, which may need urgent, additional care,  if the tooth pulp is inflamed. Also ask your dentist about a night guard, it may be a helpful solution.


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