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Swollen Gums Around One Tooth

photo for swollen gums around one tooth for evolve toothbrush, best for swollen gums around one toothPicture the scene.  You’re brushing your teeth at the end of a long day and you notice an irritation on one side of your mouth.  You rinse out with water, look in the mirror, and lo and behold you see swollen gums around one toothHow, you wonder, did this happen?  And what can I do about it?  There are several reasons a gum can swell up in a single area, including an abscessed tooth, improper flossing and brushing, which leads to the inevitable next problem, gum disease.

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Swollen gums around one tooth are often the result of improper brushing and flossing, and not covering your whole mouth correctly.  Food debris left behind can cause decay and inflammation in the neglected area of your mouth, leading ultimately to early stage gum disease.  Be on the lookout for pale, red or swollen gums, as well as bleeding while brushing, pus coming from the tooth, a loose tooth or persistent bad breath and taste.

Most people neglect their gums, and gum disease is a very common result.

There is another, unrelated reason you might discover swollen gums around one tooth, and this is when you might have something called an abscessed tooth.  An abscess occurs when a tooth has been infected, possibly due to an untreated cavity that causes the spread of bacteria.  Don’t ignore this!  Pay attention to these vital signs: nagging pain, puffy, red gums, swollen jaws, tenderness in the teeth, and a fever.   Your dentist will likely give you antibiotics to treat the tooth, with severe cases needing a root canal and possibly extracting the tooth entirely.


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