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  • Innovative and Thoughtful
    I have been using your EVOLVE toothbrush for the last few months, and have been thoroughly impressed with all of the unique design features. Of greatest significance is the brush's wrap around ability to completely remove plaque from multiple surfaces of the teeth virtually at the same time. The innovative and thoughtful technology of this toothbrush is outstanding.

    Dr. Roger Bronstein, D.M.D.

  • Great Toothbrush
    Point of brushing is to remove plaque, which consists of live bacteria. These colonies of bacteria cause most problems in the mouth. EVOLVE is designed to remove plaque from along gum line. My patients have had improvement after using this great toothbrush.

    Emelia Gelman, RDH

  • Best toothbrush EVER!
    Best toothbrush EVER! Feels great and my teeth and gums have never been cleaner or healthier. Goodbye and good riddance to electric brushes.Thank you Dr. Scheier!

    Dikka A.

  • I am convinced
    I have been using the Evolve Toothbrush 2x daily for years. I am convinced that it has been helping my gums and teeth keep and stay healthy.

    Lori P.

  • EVOLVE is a major winner.
    EVOLVE is a major winner. Congratulations! I have become an extremely enthusiastic fan after using the EVOLVE flexible head toothbrush for months. The concept is great. It permits an exceptionally thorough cleaning. What amazes me is its unusual durability.

    Dr. Joel Kotick D.M.D., P.C.

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