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What Causes Gum Disease

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If you want to know what causes gum disease, grab a mirror, open your mouth and smile. First you’ll see your teeth, vital for all sorts of reasons not least because they help you chew your food. Then notice your gums, the pink stuff that surrounds your teeth, made up of tissue covered by a layer of oral mucosa, a mucous membrane that helps keep your mouth clean.

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Then consider the surrounding tissue, nerve root, ligaments, glands, bone, and jawbone. This complicated system works together to ensure your oral health is optimum. But the system cannot work without your help.

What causes gum disease is when your gums get inflamed due to bacteria seeping into your dental plaque. Plaque is a soft, sticky film that builds up on your teeth from food, drink and wear and tear. The millions of bacteria in plaque triggers disease in the gums if they’re not removed by your consistent brushing and flossing.

If you stop taking care of your mouth and you skip dental visits, plaque spreads below the gum line; bacteria there are protected because your toothbrush can’t reach them, and they multiply. Your gum inflammation gets worse.

What causes gum disease happens in stages: first your gums get red and swollen, and likely bleed. You could have persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth. This stage is called gingivitis and is treatable and reversed by improving your oral hygiene.

Advanced gum disease, periodontitis, leads to loss of bone and supportive tissue; your teeth may loosen and move around. Stage three, aggressive periodontitis can cause great damage.

Other genetic and behavioral factors explain what causes gum disease. These include  smoking or chewing tobacco; genetics; crooked teeth difficult to clean; hormones, diabetes, and medications.

The new EVOLVE Toothbrush has been specially designed with triple brush action to get into the gum line on either side of the tooth, and eliminate plaque and bacteria that may be lurking there: the first step to both preventing and treating gum disease.


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